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Amrit Vela

Collection of daily early morning prayers that are recited by Sikhs.

Join us in the tranquil embrace of ‘Amrit Vela’ – the sacred early morning hours. We’ll immerse ourselves in meditation, spiritual reflections and soothing chants to start the day with clarity and peace. Tune in to experience the stillness and connection that the Amrit Vela brings.


Chardi Kala

Dr Gurdeep Singh Jagbir

Start your mornings with serenity and devotion. Sharing Gurbani wisdom, translations and stories that inspire.


Sri Sukhmani Sahib

Dr Gurdeep Singh Jagbir

Each of the 24 sections of the paath begins with an invocation to the divine followed by a description of the spiritual journey. The verses are composed in poetic form and employ metaphors and allegories to convey spiritual truths.


Panjab Da Nazariya

Rajinder Kaur

Candid and enlightening discussions that cover a range of topics, perspectives and experiences.


Mehak Panjab Di

Showcasing great Panjabi songs coupled with Panjabi heritage; the fragrance of Panjab.


Drive Time

A blend of music, conversations and updates that will transition you smoothly from the day’s hustle to the evening’s tranquillity.


Gurbani Vichaar

Rehras Sahib Ji Da Paath & Kirtan

Join us through the sacred verses of Sri Rehras Sahib Ji, a soothing evening prayer, followed by the enchanting melodies of Kirtan that elevate the soul and connect us to the divine.


Bhangra & Bujartan

Sonu Shahkoti

Delve into the world of perplexing puzzles & thought-provoking riddles Tune in, test your wits and tap your feet with the Riddle King.


Panjabi Anthems


Immerse yourself in the pulsating beats of Panjab with energetic rhythms and vibrant beats as Bhangra takes center stage.


Non Stop Hits

Panjabi Music

As the world winds down, we’re cranking up the rhythm, serving you a curated playlist of tracks that make the night truly magical.