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Amrit Vela

Collection of daily early morning prayers that are recited by Sikhs.

Join us in the tranquil embrace of ‘Amrit Vela’ – the sacred early morning hours. We’ll immerse ourselves in meditation, spiritual reflections and soothing chants to start the day with clarity and peace. Tune in to experience the stillness and connection that the Amrit Vela brings.


Chardi Kala

Nashattar Singh

Bringing the timeless wisdom of Gurbani to life through heartfelt recitations, thoughtful translations and captivating religious stories.


Sri Sukhmani Sahib

Nashattar Singh

A devotional and meditative composition. A source of guidance for leading a morally upright and spiritually fulfilling life.


Dhadi Vaaran

Panjab Kaur

A musical exploration of historic Sikhi and Panjabi tales. Dhadi Vaaran represents a unique form of cultural expression and historical preservation, offering insights into the rich tapestry of Sikh history and traditions.


The Official Simply Bhangra & Panjab Radio Chart Show


Experience a blend of upbeat music and engaging conversations creating a truly enjoyable Sunday afternoon experience.


Gurbani Vichaar

Rehras Sahib Ji Da Paath & Kirtan

Join us through the sacred verses of Sri Rehras Sahib Ji, a soothing evening prayer, followed by the enchanting melodies of Kirtan that elevate the soul and connect us to the divine.


Khushian Khereh

Rajinder Kaur

From special occasions to everyday victories, we’ll bring you the energy, music and stories that inspire happiness.



Anoop Arora

Get ready for non-stop laughter! Tune in to experience hilarious skits, witty banter and rib-tickling humour.


Non Stop Hits

Panjabi music

As the world winds down, we’re cranking up the rhythm, serving you a curated playlist of tracks that make the night truly magical.