Visit Pakistan, the Stunning Kerala or visit the Panj Takht yatra, all C/o of Panjab Radio!

Pakistan yatra - Panjab Radio brings to you the Gurpurab 2019 celebration at Panja Sahib, which includes visiting Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad, from the 4th November to the 15th November, 2019! For more information regarding this trip - full cost per person, itinery details such such; please contact the Panjab Radio reception at 020 8848 8877
*Please note if you are interested in visiting Pakistan, please get its full itinery details in advance, in order to avoid disappointment in the near future.

*Pakistan yatra which takes place in April 2019 has offically been sold out, thus bookings for the April trip has now ended.

*All of the Pakistan yatras that are advertised on Panjab Radio - i.e. on-air advertisement, social media, website and such, are all C/o of Panjab Radio.

Panj Takht yatra - The Panj Takht yatra takes place from the 18th September, to the 30th September, 2019. In which the visits include Patna Sahib, Hazoor Sahib, Anandpur Sahib, Damdama Sahib, Akaal Takht and all surrounding gurdwaras. For this trip it does include luxury air conditioned coaches, luxury hotel stay, international and domestic flights are all included.

*Please note for the first 20 bookings, the total cost (including flights from London) is £1775, and a total £1875 for the remaining seats - group size is 40 maximum. For more information regarding this trip, - full cost per person, itinery details and such; please contact the Panjab Radio reception at 020 8848 8877, or contact Mandeep himself from Panjab Radio, who travels with the tour, on his mobile 0750 686 5258, or email on *There is a £150 surcharge for the flights from Birmingham.

**Please note to book any of the above respective trips, or to book any future yatras and trips with Panjab Radio; once you have receieved your itinery details - you have to post a £500 cheque deposit for the Pakistan yatra, and a £600 cheque deposit for any trips with Mandeep. Along with the cheque deposit (payable to 'PANJAB RADIO LTD'), a next of kin form (for each individual travelling), along with a photocopy of your passport to the Panjab Radio address - Panjab Radio House, Springfield Road, Hayes, UB4 0TH.

For any information or further help, please do not hesitate to contact Panjab Radio on 020 8848 8877.

N.B. - Program is subject to change without prior notice.

Below is the PDF form for the upcoming Panj Takht Yatra, which is happening from the 18th to the 30th September, 2018

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